What's Our Story?

Thanks for asking! Here's our story, and as long as I'm being honest, you should know I never look as fancy IRL as I do in this photo. Although, I do have really  awesome hair ALL of the time. #truth 

Photo by Jeff LaPensee

Hieee! I’m Wendy Miller, Founder/Chief Creative Weirdo of Card To Believe LLC.

I’m very excited to bring a lot of fun and questionable guidance into your life.

Origin Story: As a cancer survivor and intuitive, I am always seeking ways to activate my self-healing capacities, shut down doubt, and focus on the most important things in life: authenticity, well being, kindness, and tacos.

One day a Psychic Medium friend gave me an oracle deck. She said, “If you ever need answers, simply ask this deck.” I was very grateful for the gift, but it occurred to me that I am not a person who gets important life advice from voices in the sky.

I get all of my important life advice from gay men.

That's why I decided to create a totally new kind of oracle deck. One that gives you guidance, but in the voice of a hilarious, uncensored, and awesome gay man.

Because THAT'S the advice we all need!

Working with my fabulous gay BFFs, I created the ASK YOUR GAY BFF deck and immediately sold a bunch of them. Yaaaaay!!!

Selling a bunch of cards was totally my goal, right?

Actually...not so right.

An opportunity came my way to donate a few ASK YOUR GAY BFF decks to a really awesome non-profit LGBTQ+ organization. That felt really aligned with who I am, so I sought out more LGBTQ+ non-profits that I could help with the cards. Within a couple of weeks, I donated dozens of ASK YOUR GAY BFF cards to Trailmixer, Howard Brown Health, and the LA LGBT Homeless Youth Center.

Then I looked at who else I could help with my cards.

I really love animals and cats are geniuses. That's why I created the family-friendly ASK YOUR CAT deck. Now you can finally know what your cat is actually thinking, and you'll support animal charities at the same time.

THIS is what we do. Bring joy, and a few laughs while helping others!

Plus, my love affair with cats goes way back. When I was a kid, I was in a commercial with the most famous cat in the world, Morris the Cat! That's right, I'm the first human whose face was shown in a Morris The Cat commercial!

You guys, I'm practically cat royalty!!!

In addition, I may also be the world's worst businessperson. But when it comes to money, I'm much more interested in allocation than accumulation. So please know that when you purchase a deck from CARD TO BELIEVE, you're certainly getting a brilliantly designed, written and professionally manufactured deck, but a share of the profits are also going to terrific non-profits that can use our help.

If you'd like to know more, every non-profit CARD TO BELIEVE supports is proudly shared.

First my gay BFFs, then a bunch of cool cats. Sounds like the most perfectest party ever! 

Thanks for joining me on my ridiculous journey. We're developing new decks all the time that are created specifically to support all sorts of amazing nonprofits. Please visit regularly to see who we'll be supporting next.

Hint: It's dogs.


Your pal,

Wendy Miller

BIO: Wendy Miller is an Emmy Award-Winning Producer, Comedy Writer, Author, Network TV Executive, Certified Sexologist, Podcaster, and Mother of an epic badass teenage daughter.

Throughout her career, Wendy has created original content for Paramount, ABC Family, The Oprah Show, The Tonight Show, The Wayne Brady Show, Inside TV Land, Telepictures, Buena Vista, Lifetime, Oxygen, Carsey-Werner-Mandabach, Hallmark, AMC, Facebook, and Travel Channel.

Her first book, 3 Secrets To The Happy and Healthy Relationship You've Always F*cking Wanted was an Amazon #1 new release. Wendy has been nominated for two national Emmy Awards (winner of exactly half), is a recipient of a Gracie Allen Award for best documentary series, the winner of multiple Promax Awards, a Chicago Film Critics Award, International Broadcasters Award, Ad Age "Spot Of The Month" Award, a TV Guide “Cheer,” a TV Guide “Jeer,” is a winner of the Lite Beer National Comedy Search, and she received a Perfect Attendance Medal in 7th Grade.

Wendy’s mission with CARD TO BELIEVE is to bring entertainment and questionable guidance to millions, while supporting amazing non-profit organizations.

Originally from Chicago, Wendy lives in Los Angeles, CA. She has been happily married for an insanely long amount of time and can usually be found in her workshop making something awesome for someone awesome.

ACKNOWLEDGMENT: I would be absolutely nowhere without the love, support and hella bitchy guidance of my fabulous Gay BFFs and others who have supported me in this bonkers endeavor. Thank you to Steve, Dudley, Jeff, Jack, Ric, Dean, other Dean, James, Timber, Chris, Melissa, Mindi, Elizabeth, Ilyce, Armen, Rose, Kate, Mike, Sharon, Shannon, The Ember Members, Gary, Martin, Vince, Mari, Jill, Melody, and Candace.

I love all of you. Most of the time.