Collection: ANSWER DECKS

It's hard enough trying to figure out life. That's why you need these answer decks.

Ask Your Gay BFF gives you hilariously honest and judgmental answers from your gay bestie. A big fat dose of the gay truth, this deck keeps it real and is for audiences 18+.

Ask Your Cat offers you family-friendly answers from a cat who's OBVIOUSLY smarter than you. 

Both decks are professional grade card stock, blue core, full color, laser printed and shrink wrapped. Gay BFF comes in a gay-approved black velvet bag that fits perfectly in a designer embossed leather backpack.

The Ask Your Cat deck comes in a sturdy, two-piece box. 

AYGBFF donates to Trailmixer, Howard Brown Health and the LA LGBT Center Homeless Youth Program

AYC donates a share of every sale to Kitten Rescue LA, Trap King and Mission Meow.